There will be no Startup Riot 2014 in Atlanta. :-(

Because of insurmountable challenges with the venue for Startup Riot we have decided to cancel the 2014 event in Atlanta. We are working on launching local versions of Startup Riot in various cities. If you want to be a local organizer, contact us.

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"Startup Riot was so good yesterday that I couldn't tweet.
I was just deeply engaged in meaningful 1-on-1 conversations."

Andrew Warner, Mixergy

"Leaving Atlanta after a terrific Startup Riot. Congrats to @sanjay for
organizing and all the companies that pitched today. Well done!"

Michelle Zatlyn, CloudFlare

"Great conference, nice job #StartupRiot"

David Hauser, Grasshopper

"Startup Riot is now THE must-attend event on the Atlanta
startup calendar. I'm that much more proud to live here."

Michael Blake, Startup Lounge
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